Filtering your Task Links (1/3): Critical Path

We will be doing a three-part blog series that explores smart ways to filter your task links in a OnePager chart. This first article will discuss how to display dependencies for only the tasks that are on the critical path. We will use the Microsoft Project example below, where Site 1 and all of its subtasks are on the critical path, and all of the tasks underneath Site 2 are non-critical:

Once you have created your chart, go to Chart Properties > Task Links and check the Import and show links box. Then, click Manage Rules to create a task link filter rule.

In the Task Link Filter Rules window, click Add Rule and then select Critical in the Field dropdown. Then, under the Operator, choose “=Yes.” Once finished, you can hit OK twice.

You will now see that the only task links that remain in your chart are the ones that touch the critical path:

I want to remind everyone that this exercise was performed using Microsoft Project, it can just as easily be done with a Primavera P6 or Smartsheet project as well. Stay tuned for the next article in our three-part series, which will cover how to only show future dependencies in your OnePager chart!

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