Filtering your Task Links (3/3): Key Milestones

Welcome to part 3 of the task link filtering trilogy! Through our task link journey, we have covered how to display dependencies that are on a Critical Path (Part 1) and also dependencies that are set for Future Dates (Part 2). If you missed either of those two blog posts, I highly suggest you treat yourself to the wealth of knowledge it offers regarding task link filtering.

We will discuss how to filter your task links so that only ones with a milestone as a successor are displayed. To do this, we will first need to create a chart with task links enabled. You can enable the task links by going into Chart Properties > Task Links and checking the box “Show data-driven links.”

The next step is creating a rule where only dependencies with a milestone as a successor are displayed. Navigate to Chart Properties > Task Links, then click the radio button next to “Use Rules” and click “Manage Rules.” In the “Task Link Filter Rules” window, select “Milestone” in Field, “=Yes” in Operator, and finally, “Successor” in Applies to, hit OK and OK.

The result should be that you only see task links with a milestone as a successor. As with everything regarding OnePager, it is designed to allow you to make an informative and visually-appealing chart in a data-driven manner, and this exercise shows just that.

As we’re coming to the end of our series on link filtering, please let us know in the comments if there is another way that you use link filtering to show key dependencies in your OnePager chart.

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