Flags of the World in OnePager

Last week, we talked about setting up enterprise flag fields. This week, we’ll be talking about the other kind of flags, and how to include them on your OnePager timeline.

OnePager can do this from either Microsoft Project or Excel. In this example, we’ll stick to a simple Excel spreadsheet which tracks international product launches across a portfolio of pharmaceutical products:

Import the data into OnePager, and change your collection settings (Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes) so that all of your launch milestones are lined up left-to-right by product. This will give you a separate timeline for each product in your portfolio:

Now, we’ll use conditional formatting (Project View Properties > Task Bars > Manage Rules) to automatically assign flag-shaped milestones based on the launch country:

Once the rules are set up, you can fine-tune the formatting of your launch dates and chart background to get something like this:

Do you have another creative way that you are using OnePager’s flag milestones in your timelines and Gantt charts? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m trying to figure how you included the milestone shape as a country flag in the conditional formatting rules.

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