If OnePager is Catching On at Your Company, You’re Not Alone

Something exciting is happening at OnePager: We are seeing tremendous growth in our user base. And, of course, we have you to thank for it.

From September 2016 to September 2017, we grew our user base by 20%. Then, from September 2017 to today, we grew by another 22%. That’s a total growth of 47% over the last two years!

First, we’re tremendously grateful for all the kind words our user base has said to us — and, more importantly, to their colleagues — in recent years. Since OnePager started in 2006, the best way for us to reach a new user is through word of mouth, so we really couldn’t do this without you. Please keep the product feedback coming, so we can keep making a product that spreads like wildfire. You can always reach us at [email protected].

Second, if you’re in a OnePager user base of one (or a few) at your company, now is a great time to consider expanding. OnePager is increasingly becoming the industry standard for plan visualization. We expect these usage figures will continue to shoot up in the coming years, as tools like OnePager become more and more necessary to professional project management. So don’t let your organization get left behind — talk to our Sales team ([email protected]) about multi-license discounts and how to further drive adoption of OnePager in your company and industry.

Finally, with this meteoric rise in new users, we worry that the newbies don’t know OnePager as well as those of you who have been with us since the beginning. We do our best to make OnePager intuitive and offer a variety of ways to get help, but any feature-rich product like ours has a learning curve. If you find yourself in an organization with many new OnePager users, we hope you’ll consider a group training, provided by us, either online or onsite. Training gets everyone onto the same page and saves untold hours of frustration. It also gives our expert Support technicians more time to focus on your product feedback and enhancement requests (rather than spending time teaching basic skills).

We offer a variety of different training options and can custom-build more on demand. See the OnePager training page for more information.

Once again, thank you for making this happen! We are excited to see where OnePager goes over the next several years.

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About Nathan

Nathan Black was on the founding team of OnePager, joining as a beta tester in 2005. The product was exciting — the lack of paycheck, exciting in a different way. So he went out into the world, working as a project manager, management consultant, and academic (he was most recently a research fellow in the Government Department at Harvard University). Everywhere he went, he saw a need for more and better project management, particularly by people who don’t call themselves project managers but end up filling that role on teams and ventures large and small. In 2014, he returned to OnePager as Vice President of Solutions. His primary roles are (1) helping customers use OnePager more effectively and (2) developing new versions of the software. He is passionate about getting project visualization and reporting right, and eager to hear from project managers (in title or in reality) who feel the same way! Nathan lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife Whitney and sons Ethan and Adam. They enjoy classical music, the outdoors, and politics. E-mail him at [email protected].

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