Introducing OnePager Pro and Express Version 5.2

We’re always very excited to release a new version of OnePager because it means providing more goodness for both our existing and new users!

OnePager 5.2 contains several improvements:

  1. Ability to save and share both Project View (.tam) and Template (.tat) files with more ease and flexibility
  2. Expanded milestone shape palette
  3. Ability to request a custom milestone
  4. More intuitive interface between MS Project/Excel and the OnePager Editor
  5. Streamlined User Guide

Easier Saving and Sharing of OnePager Files

With 5.2, users can now browse where they want to save or open Project View or Template files.  From within the OnePager editor click File -> Save As or Save, and a Windows Explorer window will pop, allowing you to select where on your hard drive or network to save your file.

Save or Save As

At this time, you can also choose from within Windows Explorer to save your file as an image using the file type dropdown.

Additionally, when you now click the Copy to Template button on the Home tab of the ribbon toolbar, a Windows Explorer will pop, allowing you to save your new Template wherever you like.Copy to Template Button

The ability to save or open these files from any location makes it easier for teams to create central shared locations for OnePager Project Views and Templates, for reporting and standardization.

Expanded Milestone Palette and Custom Milestones

With 5.2 come many more milestone shapes, which are all shown below.  Don’t see what you need?  You can send a request to [email protected] with a description or example of what you’d like to see.

5.2 Milestones


More Intuitive Interface Between Project/Excel and the OnePager Editor

We’ve made some changes to the appearance of the windows and selections that pop up after clicking the OnePager Pro or Express buttons within your add-ins tab.  The initial “Start” screen now looks like the image below.  Your selection will determine what you see on the next form.Start Screen

When making a New Project View, the Template selection is now at the top (instead of in a Template Choice dropdown), to make it a bit more obvious.  If you hit the Change button you will see that you can browse Templates via Windows Explorer, wherever your Templates may be stored.  The rest of this form, or the options during an Update, have essentially not changed.Change Template

Streamlined User Guide

All of our documentation now can be accessed on our website at /support/documentation.html

A new, more streamlined User Guide has been published to allow our users easier navigation and access to information.  However, a Comprehensive Reference Guide (the former User Guide) will still be available for those who would like to read about OnePager’s capabilities in more detail.

You can also watch a video about what’s new in OnePager version 5.2 here.

We welcome any and all feedback regarding OnePager to be sent to [email protected]!

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