Introducing tips on Primavera P6 and more

Theoretically, we here at OnePager are experts on … OnePager. But, having been in the business of helping project managers present clear and eye-catching Gantt charts for many years, we have picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way about the project and portfolio management (PPM) software that feeds data into OnePager.

Recently it occurred to us that we ought to start sharing some of that knowledge more publicly. So over the coming weeks, you’ll see us start to roll out a series of tips articles about how to use different PPM tools, including Microsoft Project (for desktop), Project Online/Project Server/PWA, and Oracle Primavera P6. The vast majority of these tips have nothing to do with OnePager. It’s just stuff we’ve learned over the more than a decade we’ve been fighting these software programs alongside you!

The Primavera tips merit some special mention, because more and more of our user base is picking up P6, and we ourselves have had to play catch-up. For those ensconced in Microsoft Project, Primavera P6 does many similar things (resource assignments, dependencies, auto-scheduling), but it does most of them a little bit differently. If you are switching from Project to Primavera, you will face a learning curve. We’re hoping these tips will shorten that curve a little bit, and make both you and your PMO more efficient.

Please check out our tips whenever you think they might be useful … and, if you discover something we don’t have right, or have a further question for us, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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About Nathan

Nathan Black was on the founding team of OnePager, joining as a beta tester in 2005. The product was exciting — the lack of paycheck, exciting in a different way. So he went out into the world, working as a project manager, management consultant, and academic (he was most recently a research fellow in the Government Department at Harvard University). Everywhere he went, he saw a need for more and better project management, particularly by people who don’t call themselves project managers but end up filling that role on teams and ventures large and small. In 2014, he returned to OnePager as Vice President of Solutions. His primary roles are (1) helping customers use OnePager more effectively and (2) developing new versions of the software. He is passionate about getting project visualization and reporting right, and eager to hear from project managers (in title or in reality) who feel the same way! Nathan lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife Whitney and sons Ethan and Adam. They enjoy classical music, the outdoors, and politics. E-mail him at [email protected].

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