Did you know that you can “maverick” tasks or milestone shapes in OnePager?

This is the term we use when one or many shapes in the body of the chart have had any of their properties manually modified.

If you happen to modify one or many shapes using the capabilities in the Home tab on the Ribbon (Font, Format, Alignment, Position), or right-clicked on a shape and chosen Format to reveal the Change Task/Milestone Properties to make a change there… you have “mavericked” your shapes.

Put a different way, you have asked OnePager to ignore the settings in the Project-View Properties (PVP), and instead follow the specific manual direction/settings being given.

Once you maverick your shapes, they will no longer follow changes to the PVP, until you reset the properties of those shapes.

To unmaverick, or reset the shape properties back to using the PVP, select them using a left-click or lasso, then click the Format button in the home tab on the ribbon (or right click on a shape and select Format…) to get the Change Task/Milestone Properties to appear.

Go to each tab in the Change Task/Milestone Properties form and click the Use Format Defaults button, then click OK. At this point, your shapes should all be conforming again to the settings in the PVP.

If you’re uncertain which shapes have already been mavericked, you can use the Select all dropdown on the Home tab in the ribbon to select everything, and then use the Change Task/Milestone Properties to set everything back to Use Format Defaults.

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