Milestone Types using Project Online

If your project has lots of different milestones, you may benefit from defining a Milestone Type in Project Online so that different families of milestones are easier to distinguish.

Examples of different milestone types include major, minor, payment, and review, to name a few. In this article, we will share how to create enterprise custom fields and lookup tables in Project Online to catalog our milestone types and how to use them in your OnePager chart. 

To keep this article short, I will share links below that show you how to create an enterprise custom field, lookup table, and import them into OnePager.

At this point, you should have gone through all three links and done the prep work to show different milestone types in your chart. From here, you should insert the enterprise custom field you created into your Project Online schedule.

In your project schedule, you can identify which milestone type correlates each milestone and then choose that in the dropdown of your enterprise custom field.

Go to Add-ins > OnePager Pro and click New. In the OnePager Choices, you must ensure that a template with enterprise custom fields enabled is selected. (Instructions were in the “Importing Enterprise Fields in OnePager” link.) Once the correct template is selected, you can click Create the new chart.

Once the chart is created, go to Chart Properties > Milestones > Task Bar/Milestone Fill Color. Here you will click the radio button for “Color foreground based on,” select your enterprise custom field in the dropdown, then click OK.

You will now see that your milestones are now colored based on the milestone type and are now easily identifiable.

Thanks for taking the time to read through the blog, and if you have any comments feel free to share them.

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