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OnePager 5.1, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, includes new multi-page capabilities.

We’ve added the flexibility to control (1) whether the legend is inside or outside the graph area, (2) whether the legend is fixed at one of these 8 predetermined points or a predetermined distance from them and finally, (3) whether the legend appears on one or more or all pages.

First, let’s take a look at the updated Legend tab of the Project View Properties form.  Each of the updated areas are called out below.


The legend position section of the tab allows you to select if you want your legend in a predetermined spot or “dock” and the radio buttons control which dock you have chosen.  There are four additional legend positioning options in the dropdown, as shown and explained below:


1. Anchored to page – Place the legend at a distance from a fixed reference points (one of the eight predetermined positions and maintain this distance on all pages where the legend is displayed.

2. Docked to page – Place the legend at one of eight predetermined positions along the edges of the page.

3. Docked to graph – Place the legend at one of eight predetermined positions along the edges of the graph. The “graph” is the space that contains all the tasks and milestones, excluding row labels, swimlane labels, time axis annotations, margins, headers, footers, and title.

4. Free Floating – Without using any of the predetermined positions, use drag and drop to place the legend at an arbitrary location with respect to the graph or page.

We can picture the page as a harbor and the graph as an island in the harbor and the total of 16 predetermined positions as 16 places to park your boat as shown in the illustration below:


To make it more clear, we will use a sample project views, however, we will go in a different order of explanation this time for the sake of simplicity.

1) Docked to page: The example “Print Preview” below of a 2 X 2 configuration the legend in the upper right corner of each page in the project view where the right margin is made larger for illustrative purposes:


In the “Print Preview” of the four page document with the “Docked to page” option, the legend remains in the upper right corner of the page on all four pages. The legend itself does not change dimensions.

2) Docked to graph: The example for “Docked to graph” a 2 X 2 “Print Preview” below that places the legend in the upper right corner of the (blue) graph area on all four page project view:


3) Free-floating: The “Free-floating” option is the ultimate in flexibility but may provide for inconsistent results with multi-page outputs. As mentioned above, this option is without any docking or anchoring at all and depends on where you place the legend manually. As an example let’s take a 2 X 2 project view as shown below:


Notice how the legend moves around in the right margin from page to page. It doesn’t remain where you intended it to be except on page 2 above. This is because OnePager is trying to keep the legend in a position relative to the two page breaks that define each page, while also keeping the legend on the page.

4) Anchored to page: The “Anchored to page” option when compared to the “Free-floating” option discussed just above will provide better results in the multi-page situation described above because the anchoring forces the legend center to maintain the same displacement from a reference location on every page.

To show an example, let’s create a 2 X 2 page project view with the margins expanded and the legend positioning option set to the “Anchored to page” option.


Above we see that all four pages of the document have the legend positioned consistently in the same relative position. Subsequent movement of the legend in the Normal or Page Break view modes will correspondingly reposition the legend on each of the multiple pages.

Finally, it is important to note that anchoring achieves page-to-page consistency for non-margin locations too. However, being in a page-consistent location within each page is no guarantee that the legend does not obscure some tasks and milestones on some of the pages. In practice, margin locations for the legend are the safe bet for consistent legend positioning in multi-page.

Further down in the Legend tab is the Show legend on section which has two options as shown here:


There are two radio buttons. The first, All pages will ensure that the legend will appear on all pages in the report.

When the Pages radio button is selected, you have the option of telling OnePager which pages should show the legend.

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