Need the Luck of the Irish to Find the Correct SharePoint Path?

Have you ever tried to create a link to a SharePoint folder but can’t figure it out, or received a link to a SharePoint location that just doesn’t work?  Recently we’ve been getting asked how to set up a SharePoint folder as a shared location for OnePager files. Understanding paths will help you avoid these problems in the future, and use both OnePager and SharePoint more effectively.


Step 1.  The tricky part!  …Acquiring the proper SharePoint path if you don’t already have it.

OnePager and Windows Explorer both want a UNC Path (Universal Naming Convention), which is what Windows uses to navigate its file system.  The path will look something like this:


Your browser address bar, by contrast, will display a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which uses a different syntax, and is meant to point to a specific resource on a network. The URL will look something like this:

Notice the difference.  Let’s now look at a specific SharePoint example.

Below is a URL (first) and a UNC (second) path to the same SharePoint location.  The UNC (second) path is what the user would need to plug into the default location in OnePager. Documents/Program Reporting Workfiles/OnePager Files

\\\content\256874\clients\microsoft\Shared Documents\Program Reporting Workfiles\OnePager Files\

Step 2.  With your UNC path handy, open any Project View in order to open the OnePager Editor.  Once the editor is open, click File > Options.  Here you can paste the path to the proper SharePoint folder location.

Default Folder Locations

If you have trouble inputting the path directly into that form, the alternative is to use the Browse… buttons to open a Project View or Template from the intended SharePoint location, which should then become your default folder. One of the best things about OnePager 5.2 is the ability to put your OnePager files wherever you want them to be.

These steps should help configure a SharePoint location for your OnePager files, based on our customer interactions to date. However, it may not be exact depending on which version of SharePoint you are using, whether or not you have purchased SharePoint additions, as well as what the specific administrative settings are on your instance of SharePoint. (And this advice does not apply to Office 365.)

Please let us know if this didn’t work for you and we’ll be happy to help figure it out! E-mail us at [email protected]

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