New and improved documentation for OnePager Pro and Express 5.2

As the OnePager user base continues to grow, we are constantly working to improve communication with our users, both present and future. As part of these efforts, the recent 5.2 release includes several improvements to user documentation.

First, we have reduced our Quick Start Guide from 35 pages to 8 pages (9 pages for OnePager Express). We zeroed in on the basics – what a new OnePager user needs to know in her first day using the software. We encourage you to share the revamped Quick Start Guide with new members of your team, or new potential users of OnePager. Click for the OnePager Pro Quick Start Guide, or the OnePager Express Quick Start Guide.

Second, we created a brand-new User Guide for more experienced users, weighing in at just over 50 pages. The User Guide goes beyond the basics to cover topics such as conditional formatting, pagination, and templates. Habitual users of OnePager should keep this guide at the ready; it is again available in separate versions for both OnePager Pro and OnePager Express.

Finally, the old User Guide was updated and renamed the Complete Reference Guide (about 350 pages). For advanced users, IT support personnel, or others who need to know everything there is to know about OnePager, this is your most comprehensive resource.

We hope the refreshed user documentation makes your OnePager experience more intuitive and seamless. And we welcome your feedback on the documentation anytime – as well as on the products! Just drop us a line at [email protected].

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About Nathan

Nathan Black was on the founding team of OnePager, joining as a beta tester in 2005. The product was exciting — the lack of paycheck, exciting in a different way. So he went out into the world, working as a project manager, management consultant, and academic (he was most recently a research fellow in the Government Department at Harvard University). Everywhere he went, he saw a need for more and better project management, particularly by people who don’t call themselves project managers but end up filling that role on teams and ventures large and small. In 2014, he returned to OnePager as Vice President of Solutions. His primary roles are (1) helping customers use OnePager more effectively and (2) developing new versions of the software. He is passionate about getting project visualization and reporting right, and eager to hear from project managers (in title or in reality) who feel the same way! Nathan lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife Whitney and sons Ethan and Adam. They enjoy classical music, the outdoors, and politics. E-mail him at [email protected].

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