New in OnePager 7.1: Custom Hover Box Text

Most users create their OnePager charts and then export them to PowerPoint or PDF before sharing them. But some people prefer OnePager as their native presentation tool, using the live OnePager chart in their project meetings. Live OnePager charts have always supported Hover Boxes, which are boxes of text that pop up whenever you hover your mouse over a task or milestone:

Traditionally, hover boxes have always shown three things:

  • Start and Finish Dates
  • Task Name
  • Unique ID

This is useful if you need more details about certain tasks in a busy chart, but doesn’t give you the flexibility to show notes or other custom text that you might want to display.

To display custom text instead, go to Home > Chart Properties > Comment Boxes, change the Display Text to a Custom Field, and then select your preferred field out of the dropdown. Here, we’ll use the Notes field:

If you don’t already have hover boxes turned on in general, go to the View tab and check the box for Hover Boxes:

Now, when you hover your mouse over a task, OnePager will pop up a custom hover box where the text comes from the Notes field, or whichever other field you choose:

Hover boxes are limited to 255 characters, so if you bring in text in excess of that amount, OnePager will truncate the text down to the allowable size.

Custom hover box text is late to the party in OnePager 7.1, so is available in OnePager version 7.1.6 and later. If you are on an earlier version of OnePager 7.1 and want to take advantage of this new feature, it’s a great reason to upgrade.

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