New in OnePager 7.1: Emoji Milestone Shapes

With OnePager 7.1 comes a significant expansion to our milestone shapes: emojis.

It’s not just fun and games, though there is a poop emoji if you need one, and we have it on good authority that one customer is actually using it to call people out when they miss deadlines.

All kidding aside, users have come to us requesting the ability to have multi-colored milestone shapes, basically miniature pieces of clipart, and this is where emojis really deliver. With our traditional milestone shapes, you could paint them one color, but with emojis, they’re multi-colored by nature and you don’t have to take time to format them; their colors come automatically out of the box, and we think they look great.

Here’s an example of the emojis in our Objects category which, unlike our friend above, do see more widespread and consistent professional use:

In total, OnePager supports nine categories of emojis:
  • Faces
  • Body Parts
  • Animals & Nature
  • Food & Drink
  • Travel & Places
  • Activities
  • Objects (shown above)
  • Symbols
  • Flags (OnePager has supported flags for a while, but we’ve added quite a few more)

If you’re interested in exploring emojis in more detail, you can review our full emoji set.

New Milestone Shape Interface

With the introduction of emojis, we needed to be able to make a distinction between Emojis and our more traditional shapes, which are now called Dynamic Shapes. Unlike emojis, which have a fixed set of colors, dynamic milestone shapes continue to let you select a single color, and will always appear in our interface with a generic blue color, indicating that you can change that color to anything else:

In the screenshot above, you’ll see our new milestone shape interface with some dynamic shapes displayed. In fact, all of these shapes appear together on the new Dynamic Shapes tab.

Underneath the Dynamic Shapes tab is a Category selector, where you can navigate from one category of shapes to the next. For example, here we are still on the Dynamic Shapes tab, but looking at the Symbols category instead of the Basic Shapes category above:

Just like there is a Dynamic Shapes tab with various categories underneath it, there is also an Emojis tab with categories there as well. Here is the Symbols category of the Emojis tab:

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the new choices? Hopefully not. We encourage you to browse the different categories of emojis and dynamic shapes to find the ones that suit you. If you need a place to start, you can always go to the Search tab and type in a keyword like we’ve done here with “Tree”.

The search results come back. The first three are emojis, meaning they’ll always be those exact colors, while the fourth result is a dynamic shape, so could take on any color that you’d like.

Last but not least, and still with an eye towards convenience, as you start building up a set of milestones that you use regularly, those favorites will automatically appear underneath the Recent Category to make them easier to find and quickly select:

There is a Recent Category on the Dynamic Shapes tab, and also on the Emojis tab, so if you don’t see your favorites in one place, check the other.

All told, we created over 400 new emoji shapes. How did we do? Is there one that we missed? Please let us know in the comments below, and we might be able to add more in a future release.

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