New Individual Training Classes

If you’ve been wanting to brush up on your OnePager skills, but don’t have enough colleagues to reserve a private, team training class, we have some good news!

Starting in July, we will start offering Individual Online Training Classes.

These classes are priced per person instead of per team, so are more cost-effective if you only have one or two people in your group who need to attend. These new training classes are open to the public, so you will get the opportunity to learn about OnePager alongside people from other companies and other industries.

Our public training classes cover the same materials and feature the same expert instructors as our private team classes–just in a smaller package. If you are a PMI member, you may even be able to claim PDUs after you attend.

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Safford is a versatile technology professional with a solid history of empowering emerging growth companies in a broad array of industries. His employment history includes energy industry consulting at Quorum Software, Senior Manager of Client Services and Technical Sales at telecom service aggregator GetConnected, and Vice President of Strategic Partner Management at electronic payment processor IP Commerce. Prior to his tenure as OnePager's COO, Safford was the company's Vice President of Marketing and Alliances. Safford holds a BA in Psychology and management from Rice University.

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