New Video: Mapping ANY Fields from Project or Excel Into OnePager

In earlier versions of OnePager, we gave you the option to select the fields that you wanted to import when you were first building your report, but didn’t offer the flexibility to change your mind and add new fields later on.

That changed last year with version 6.0.  Take a look at this video to see how to map ANY field from Project or Excel into an existing OnePager Project View:

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2 thoughts on “New Video: Mapping ANY Fields from Project or Excel Into OnePager

  1. I am using OnePager Pro for Project, version 6.0.10, 32-bit. For some reason, my TAM file is now mapped to GUID versus UID (as it was always). If I go to the PVP => Field Mappings => Task/Milestone Identify Mapping, the pulldown for changing the Unique ID selection is greyed out (locked). Same if I go through the Update process and select the “Show Field Mapping” box.
    Other TAM files do not have this problem. Any insight on what did this and what I can do to revert back to how it was set up before? Thanks

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