OnePager 5.1 Presents – Where’s My Stuff?!

In response to our customers’ needs and wishes, we’ve created the “Where’s My Stuff?!” capability so users can find project tasks milestones that may have become hidden and now need to be made visible.

In previous versions of OnePager Pro, when elements of the project view became hidden, the only way to find them was to unhide all tasks and milestones at once. With “Where’s My Stuff?!,” you can selectively unhide tasks and milestones and even get OnePager Pro to suggest fixes.

OnePager Pro remembers where hidden items are and under what circumstances they were hidden. To access this information, just go to Home->Show/Hide and select the Where’s My Stuff?! option as shown here:


When you do this, the table below will appear:


Those rows with the task names shown in the table above have an “X” in the column pertaining to why the task or milestone was hidden. From here, select the objects you want to unhide and click the Fix Selected button.

“Where’s My Stuff?!” is a cool feature that will save you time and make your project views glittering examples of professional Gantt Art!

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