OnePager 6.0 Is Here!

The three main changes in the 6.0 Release:

  1. A custom filter to allow you to use criteria in your data to choose which activities and milestones to include in your visual (vs. just a “Yes” column).
  2. The ability to display up to 5 columns from your source file in your OnePager chart.
  3. Unlimited access to the columns in your source files to drive labels, organization, formatting, and Unique IDs.

Please see the below links to determine whether or not you qualify for this upgrade, at no cost, to find out where to retrieve it, and to watch a video about the new changes.

-If your maintenance is current, you are entitled to this release at no additional cost, and you can download using this link.

-If you’re unsure if your maintenance is current, you can check your status using this link.

-If you know you are not eligible for a free upgrade, but are interested, please contact [email protected] for a quote or to request a trial of 6.0.

-Lastly, make sure to sign up for release notifications at the bottom of the Release Information page, so you can get an email as further updates to 6.0 arrive.

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Jay carries with him fourteen years of project management experience within the cable, telecom, construction, software development, and energy industries. The spectrum of projects and programs that Jay has managed throughout his career is broad and deep, enabling him to help clients implement OnePager software in a multitude of applications.

One thought on “OnePager 6.0 Is Here!

  1. The additional 5 columns significantly improves the reporting capability. This will help us to provide a more complete and comprehensive view of our work

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