OnePager 6.1: Custom Date Formats

This week, we’ll continue our review of the time axis upgrades now available in OnePager 6.1 with a look at custom date formats.

A OnePager chart can have dates displayed in a number of different places: along the time axis, in text columns, and even on tasks themselves. One of the more common enhancement requests we get from our customers is to add a new date format that we don’t currently support. While OnePager supports scores of date formats in lots of different languages and cultures, there is no way for us to anticipate all the date formats our customers might want to display in their reports.

With that in mind, OnePager 6.1 now gives users the ability to define their own date formats, similar to the way cells in Excel can be formatted with any number of user-defined syntaxes. Selfishly, we think that this will eliminate or at least substantially reduce the number of requests that we get for new date formats. Less selfishly, we hope that users will be able to get their dates to display the way that they want with a lot less effort.

The best way to define a custom date format is to go to Home > Project View Properties > Time Axis > Calendar, and click the Manage Custom Date Formats button:

If you’re already in the middle of setting up your report and don’t want to jump out of what you’re doing, you’ll also notice that all of OnePager’s date format dropdowns also sport an option to Add Custom Format…

Whether you get there one way or the other, you’ll end up in a special screen that lets you define the format that you want:

We’ve developed a special syntax for users to define custom date formats. The syntax is similar to what you might see in Excel or in Project, but is actually quite a bit richer, as it allows you to display dates in ways that Microsoft Office does not.

Notice that there is a button to See the format, which will allow you to double-check that everything looks good before you finalize everything and click the Add Format button.

Once you’ve added a custom date format, it will appear in your date choosers, just like any of our standard date formats.

Next week we’ll round out our overview of 6.1 by looking at some of the other new features, beyond the ones that we’ve been covering that pertain to the time axis.

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