OnePager IQ Test Results Update: You Need Training

Back in early January, we posted a OnePager IQ Test. The results have made it clear that our users could use some training.

Click this link to take the test.

To date:

  • 116 users have taken the test.
  • The average score is 49
  • The high score is 90 (1 person)
  • The low score is 20 (1 person)
  • The average time to take the quiz was 9 minutes 30 seconds (we didn’t count the two who took over an hour)

If you scored 70 or higher, you’re probably OK, but anything below that and you might not be realizing the efficiency the application and provide you.

We now offer individual as well as the group training, which you can explore here.

Even if you’re not planning on purchasing training, there are TONS of resources on our website that you should make time to leverage:

During training, I often encourage users to block specific time to watch the videos (at a minimum), over lunch. Consider this actual training-time, as a part of your professional development…because that’s what it is.

If you invite another colleague who uses OnePager to a conference room to watch with you, chances are you’ll pass comments and questions back and forth, which will help you both lock in the material more.

Why not make it a quarterly activity? We refresh our video content with each new release, so the material will never be 100% review.

If you have a question about training, please email me at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to leave a comment here.

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