OnePager Now Supports Smartsheet

We’re excited to announce that beginning with OnePager version 7.1, specifically the OnePager Bundle edition, we now support a direct connection to Smartsheet. If you’re a long-time OnePager user and are thinking of switching to Smartsheet, now you can. If you’re already using Smartsheet and have been making do with an Excel export, you now have a much more streamlined path.

Watch this short video to see how easy we make it to connect OnePager to Smartsheet:

Here are some of the key advantages to OnePager Bundle’s new Smartsheet connection:

  • Fewer steps, fewer clicks, and fewer opportunities for error.
  • Swimlanes can automatically be generated based on the existing summary tasks in Smartsheet instead of relying on a text field or a formula to calculate the parent task. Sub-swimlanes can show several levels of summary of tasks, again, based on the existing structure in Smartsheet.
  • Easier multi-project reporting: OnePager can import multiple Smartsheet projects at once, even if they’re not linked together in Smartsheet itself.
  • Fast updates: One-click refresh enables you to instantly update your OnePager chart with the latest changes to your Smartsheet project.
  • Detailed data: Import key project information like critical path and dependencies.

If you already have a license to OnePager Bundle, you can upgrade to version 7.1 today and immediately access your Smartsheet data. If you have a license to a different edition of OnePager, like OnePager Pro or OnePager Express, we’re offering you the ability to convert your license to OnePager Bundle. Reach out to our sales team to learn more.

Here are more examples of OnePager and Smartsheet in action, to give you an idea of some of the possibilities:

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