OnePager Pro is fully compatible with Project 2016

As project managers gear up for the release of Project 2016, many are probably wondering whether their Project add-ins from the 2010 or 2013 editions will still work. As far as the OnePager Pro Gantt chart add-in is concerned, we have good news — it works!

Thousands of project managers have used OnePager Pro to turn their project plans into beautiful, easy-to-understand Gantt charts like the one below. The Gantt chart feature in Project itself is limited in its customizability, and Project Gantt charts cannot be versioned. By contrast, OnePager Gantt charts are fully customizable — you can change colors and fonts or sort tasks into swimlanes and rows, all based on the data in your plan — and you can create multiple “snapshots” of the same plan at different points in time.

Sample Gantt Chart Created in OnePager Pro

We have tested OnePager Pro with Microsoft Project 2016, as well as the latest available version of Project Online, and have found the add-in is fully compatible. Of course, OnePager is also compatible with older versions of Project, going back to 2003.

Using OnePager Pro to enhance the Microsoft Project 2016 timeline view

Project 2016’s timeline view gives project managers and schedulers a way to create basic project presentations using the data they already have in Microsoft Project. Getting started with the timeline view is simple in Project 2016: just right-click on any tasks you want to include in your presentation and select Add to Timeline.

Microsoft Project 2016 will then create a timeline view that looks something like this, which you can access by navigating to the View tab, clicking on Other Views, and then selecting the Timeline option:


OnePager Pro takes the timeline view much further by letting you build graphs that are rich with vital data and show the changes that occur from week to week.

OnePager Pro lives on the Add-Ins tab of Microsoft Project 2016, and can be launched with a simple button click. Your project presentation can show as many or as few tasks as you want — just use any flag field to indicate which ones:


Once launched, OnePager Pro lets you easily emphasize the most important parts of your schedule:

  • Visually display important project data like percent complete, baselines, and critical path.
  • Create conditional formatting rules to drive the color, shape, border, height and font of tasks and milestones based on your Microsoft Project data.
  • Generate a project legend that makes it easy for your audience to understand your schedule.
  • Group and sort tasks by any field in Microsoft Project.
  • Change task labels without corrupting your original Microsoft Project file.
  • Customize the time axis to show all or part of a project, and to show any time unit (quarters, fiscal years, etc.)
  • Show links between tasks

With a few simple edits, it’s easy to create professional-looking project presentations.

OnePager Pro is designed for use by individuals or the entire PMO, and offers users maximum flexibility when presenting to different audiences:

  • Save snapshots of your project as it changes (e.g. weekly, monthly) and flip back and forth between old and new snapshots to illustrate important changes.
  • Create multiple timeline views of the same project for each audience (e.g. clients, executives, team members).
  • Standardize your project presentations across your organization with customizable templates.

OnePager Pro is a great way to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Project 2016’s timeline view and create professional project presentations with ease.

Learn more about OnePager Pro and Project 2016

We’d be happy to help you make the most of Project 2016 and the OnePager Pro Gantt chart add-in. You can download a free 15-day trial of OnePager Pro, or contact our Sales or Support teams to further discuss your needs.


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