OnePager Regional Settings

OnePager supports a variety of regional settings for our many customers around the world. This means we will show dates in the local format/language and switch to metric templates that use centimeters instead of inches when appropriate.

In this article, we will show examples of how this works in OnePager by reviewing the scenarios listed below. If you’d like to follow along, go to Control Panel > Region on your device and select each of these options to see how they change OnePager’s display:

  • English language & US Region
  • English language & UK Region
  • French language & France Region

Scenario 1: English Language & US Region

Here, we will use the English (United States) region, meaning English-language dates with the American short date notation. You can preview this under the Date and time formats and Examples in Windows’ Region screenshot.

In the resulting chart, notice that the names of the month and the days of the week are in English, and the short date is in the American mm/dd notation. The physical dimensions of the chart are in inches, again because of the US region:

Scenario 2: English Language & UK Region

This scenario will be like Scenario 1, but the key difference is the region, which is the UK instead of the US. This keeps the English-language months and days but will change the short date format.

The dimensions in Chart Properties also change from inches to centimeters:

Scenario 3: French Language & France Region

Choosing the French language & France Region will change the date formats and the date language to French.

You will see that with these settings, we also use centimeters for measurement, just as we did in the UK. The difference between this configuration and the previous one is that the month and the days of the week are in French as opposed to English:

These three scenarios show how changing the Region and Language on your device can alter how OnePager displays dates and handles other units. If you require multi-region support and have a comment about this article, please leave feedback below, as we always love to hear your thoughts and comments about OnePager.

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