OnePager Supports Windows 11

A few weeks ago, we confirmed OnePager’s support for Office 2021 and Project 2021. Now, on the heels of that certification, we are pleased to announce that OnePager also supports Windows 11.

As you are probably aware, Microsoft announced the pre-release of Windows 11 in late June and begin shipping preview builds on June 28th. We immediately commenced our testing efforts to ensure that any of our users who take an early release of Windows 11 will be in good shape when it comes to OnePager.

Our certification of Windows 11 involved running both OnePager Pro and OnePager Express through a battery of tests that validated core functionality, correct renderings of both charts and menus, and more. Our Windows 11 testing looked at all modern versions of Office 2016 and later, just to ensure that the most common configurations worked as designed.

Windows 11 is expected to release to the general public in late 2021, and as always, we will continue to monitor Microsoft’s release cycle for any other updates that might affect OnePager’s functionality and performance,

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