Right-Clicks in OnePager – Hidden Gems

You may or may not have realized this yet, but if you right-click on different places in OnePager, you’re going to experience very different and specific things. Here are a handful of good examples:

1 – Right-click in the body of the chart (but not on a shape):

rc-on-body-of-the-chartThis allows you certain options related to swimlanes and rows, including the ability to turn them off. This is a nice shortcut to avoid having to navigate back to the Project-View Properties and update the settings in the Rows and Swimlanes tab…much less button clicking. You can also very quickly Copy your chart to the clipboard for Pasting into PowerPoint, which a lot of users often overlook, or don’t realize is possible.

2 – Right-click on a shape (or group of shapes using ctrl key):

rc-on-shapeHere you receive a different set of options, all related to your task or milestone shape (s). You can choose to edit the label (also via a double-click), or open the advanced formatting features for the shape(s). Also notice the option to control representation and order.

3 – Right-click on a legend-item

This one is a little tricky…make sure you click on the legend item and nowhere else!

legend-itemYou can adjust the sequence of the legend item, text, change the symbol/color…lots of flexibility here!

4 – Right-click on the legend title

rc-on-legend-titleSomething completely different! Here you can edit the legend title, title font, item font, and background color. You can also hide the legend completely (also with the checkbox in the View tab on the ribbon). You can also change the order. Rebuild the legend will take a fresh look at your chart and remake the legend from scratch (do this if you think your legend doesn’t match what’s in the visual).

There are many more right-clicks to explore in OnePager and we encourage you to discover and tinker with them all!



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