Showing a Countdown on the Time Axis

Many of our users have a project where they are tracking a specific deadline or launch date. OnePager lets you show a countdown to this date on the time axis. In this case, we’ll count down week-by-week, but you can pick whichever units make the most sense.

In this example, we have a project launch on June 9, 2016. To set this date in OnePager, right-click anywhere on the time axis, and go to the Advanced tab. Change the Project End Date to match your launch date:

Countdown End Date


Now, head over the tab where you want the countdown to appear. For our example, it’s the Bottom level. Change the Label Format to one of the weekly countdowns like “W4, W3, W2, W1 … (From End)”:

Countdown Weeks

Click OK, and your timeline will reflect a weekly countdown to the launch date in question (click to enlarge):


In this example, we start ten weeks out, count down to the launch week, and then display a negative counter just in case things go a little later than expected.

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