Showing Checkmarks on a Gantt Chart

Traditionally, Gantt charts depict progress by showing a progress bar, or by color-coding an item green when it is complete. However, some project managers prefer to show a checkmark next to each task to indicate completion, more like a task list.


OnePager makes this easy. You only need to make a few simple changes to your Microsoft Project plan to have OnePager automatically check off tasks when you’ve completed them. Here’s how:

Start by adding a custom field to your Microsoft Project plan. In this case, we’re using Finish1 (note the “1”):

Set up a simple formula to populate Finish1 with the Finish date of your task whenever the % Complete field is 100%. Otherwise leave it blank. Here’s the formula we recommend:

IIf([% Complete]=100,[Finish],”NA”)

Never done this before? Read our introduction to Microsoft Project formulas.

Click the OnePager Pro button and build a new project view. On the import wizard, check the Show Column Mappings box, and click Next.

On the column mappings page, map OnePager’s Deadline feature to the custom “Finish1” field instead. It’s not technically a deadline, but this is a quick way to creatively adapt an existing OnePager feature:

Click Create new project view. When your Gantt chart pops up, go to Home > Project View Properties > Task Bars > Deadlines. Configure your deadline to be a green checkmark like this:

Now, click OK, and OnePager will automatically place a checkmark next to the end of each completed task in your Gantt chart:


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