Timeline without Dates

With a Gantt chart, you can display Start/Finish dates that show exactly when a task starts and finishes. However, in this blog, we will be creating a dateless chart to show a graphical representation of your schedule without any specific dates displayed. 

We will start at the top of the chart with the Time Axis representing different tic units. In the example, we utilize the Month and Week units of the Time Axis.

Go to Home > Chart Properties > Time Axis, choose which level you would like to use. From there, you would pick the Tic units, which in this example would be Month. The next item is the Label format, In the dropdown, you will notice many formats to choose from, but we will be selecting the “Month 1, Month 2,… (From Start)”.

For weeks you would do the same thing. Go to Home > Chart Properties > Time Axis, choose the level, select Week as the Tic units. Within the Label format, you would select “Week 1, Week 2 …

The task bars will use the Date Label, specifically the day format that counts up from the start date of the chart. To turn this on, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars and check the box next to Date Labels. You will see a box labeled Date Label Properties to the right, and you will need to click it. In the new window, click the boxes next to Show Start Date and Show Finish Date. You will select Left for the Start position and Right for the Finish position. In the Date Format dropdown, choose D1, D2…(From Start) (zeros allowed).

Now that we have made the changes to the Time Axis, you should have a chart that is entirely free of dates.

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