Understanding the Apply and OK buttons in OnePager

When you are changing your settings in OnePager (Home > Project-View Properties), you’ve probably noticed the three buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • OK
  • Apply
  • Cancel

Everybody gets what OK and Cancel are, but Apply isn’t quite as common. In short, the Apply button lets you make changes, see them take effect, and continue to make more edits with the window still open. Keeping the window open makes it easy for you to make more changes without having to go out of Project-View Properties and then come back in:

If you’re only making a couple of minor changes and you’re pretty confident that you know what you are doing, there is no need to use Apply. Just click OK. If you’re more of a novice user or you think it may take you a few tries to get things to look right, use Apply, because it will keep you from having to go back into Project-View Properties multiple times.

Many of our users have HD/widescreen monitors or even multiple monitors. When you have a setup like this, you can have your OnePager chart and your settings side by side:

This makes editing very easy because you don’t have to close and reopen Project-View Properties. Instead, you can make changes here and there, Apply them, and keep going. It will save you a lot of time.

One final word: There’s never a need to click Apply first and then click OK. Some users are under the impression that clicking OK without clicking Apply first will cause them to lose their changes. That’s simply not true. You can use Apply or you can use OK, but you never need to use them both┬áback-to-back.

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