Using the Page Layout Options with OnePager 5.1

This article will show you how to make fine adjustments using the Page Layout tab of the Project View Properties form in OnePager 5.1.

After you’ve created a multi-page project view and perhaps looked at it in Print Preview Mode (Page Layout tab), you may want to make detailed changes to certain aspects of your new multi-page document. This can be done from the OnePager project view editor by going to the Home tab and clicking on the Project-View Properties button. Once open, you can navigate to the Page Layout tab per the illustration below:


The Page Layout tab above has a complete set of controls similar to what you would expect to see when getting your document ready to print.

Let’s take a look at the project view based upon the current settings above. This is how it would look in Print Preview mode:


As you can see, the project view above will correspond to the settings in the Project View Properties Page Layout tab. Now suppose we want to change this to a three by one (3 X 1) page configuration, repeat the time axis on each page, and place the legend on page 1. The necessary changes Page Layout tab are circled below:


And when the three changes shown in the red ovals above are applied, the project view will look like this in Print Preview View mode:

7-14-2014 5-58-31 PM

The Project View Properties dialog box is there in the project view editor to give you those fine levels of control you need to create the desired Gantt Chart that meets your schedule communication objectives.

For more detailed information on these controls and others, please consult the OnePager User’s Guide which is available at the Chronicle Graphics website or accessible from the Help menu of the OnePager application itself.

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