Webinar: Best Practices in Data Visualization

Greetings all!

MPUG has approached us to conduct a webinar about Best Practices in Data Visualization.

You can sign up using the two links below.

I am an MPUG member

I am not a member of MPUG

Here is an abstract of what I’ll be discussing:

Data visualization is a term that most business professionals are familiar with today. But how many in the planning community realize that they create data visualizations as a regular part of their role? Further, how many who frequently create project-related visuals have studied what makes their charts effective? Data visualization in planning, or “plan communications,” is actually a discipline, that, until recently, hasn’t gotten much attention. We’re doing research into data visualization and the cognitive psychology of how people best absorb visual information, to help our users become better communicators, and I’d like to pass some of what we’ve learned to you, in the form of best practices.

Hope we’ll see you in attendance!

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