What’s New in OnePager 7.0: 16×9 PowerPoint

If you’re using PowerPoint 2019 or Office 365, you have probably switched over to the 16×9 aspect ratio for your slides. OnePager 7.0.7 and later support this aspect ratio as well, which is useful if you’re in the habit of saving directly from OnePager to a PowerPoint file instead of doing a copy/paste.

To change your PowerPoint aspect ratio, go to Home > Chart Properties > Page Layout, and then change the PowerPoint Aspect Ratio setting from 4×3 to 16×9:

Now, when you save to PowerPoint, the slide(s) that OnePager creates will automatically be in a 16×9 format instead of 4×3.

Of course, just because OnePager will export to PowerPoint in a 16×9 format doesn’t mean that your chart will look good at that aspect ratio. It’s always a good idea to double-check the dimensions of your chart to make sure that it has roughly the same aspect ratio. To do this, adjust the Document Width and Row Height of your chart to achieve a well-proportioned chart:

Don’t worry about getting your document size perfect — it just needs to be in the ballpark. Also, remember that your document size should be proportional to 16×9, but doesn’t need to literally be 16″ x 9″. A chart that is 32″ x 18″ has the same 16×9 aspect ratio, for example. Along the same lines, a chart that is 34″ x 18″ (as opposed to 32″ x 18″) isn’t exactly a 16×9 ratio, but it’s good enough, and will still look great in PowerPoint, so the key is just to get close.

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