What’s New in OnePager 7.0: Custom Microsoft Project Field Names

For advanced users who make a practice of renaming the local custom fields in Microsoft Project, you’ll be pleased with another enhancement in OnePager 7.0: you can now import those custom field names into your field mappings so that they are easier to find.

This feature is available in OnePager Pro 7.0.5 and later, so if you are on one of the earlier versions of 7.0, you’ll want to upgrade to gain access to this feature.

There are two ways to create an alias for a local custom field in Microsoft Project:

  1. Re-Titling: Change the title of the field through the Field Settings screen in Microsoft Project:

    Custom title for Microsoft Project field, which has been retitled

  2. Renaming: Change the name of the field through the Custom Field screen in Microsoft Project:

    Rename a field in Microsoft Project

OnePager supports both renaming and re-titling of local custom fields in Microsoft Project, but only shows one alias at a time, so will give preference to the title in cases where both the name and title are different. If you’re in the habit of doing a little of both, we recommend keeping your names and titles consistent to avoid confusion.

In OnePager, aliased fields will be listed twice. One listing will give the alias first, followed by the standard field name in parentheses, while the other listing will give the standard field name first, followed by the alias in parentheses. For example:

  • Activity Type (Text30)
  • Text 30 (Activity Type)

This is the same field; we just list it twice to make it easier to find:

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