What’s New in OnePager 7.0: Easier Text Editing

Another advancement that is available in OnePager 7.0 is more flexibility when it comes to hand-editing the text in your chart. While we recommend customizing text globally through Chart Properties, there are always situations that require a nudge here and there, and we aim to make that easier.

In OnePager 7.0, you can now select individual text elements with your mouse, or hold down the Ctrl key to select several elements at once:

This makes it quick and easy to relocate or reformat individual pieces of text without needing to go into the Format form, as was the case in earlier versions.

In addition, because each piece of text can have independent formatting, OnePager 7.0 also permits heterogeneous formatting of text elements when they are next to each other:

In previous versions of OnePager, when two types of text such as task names and dates shared the same location, they were combined into a single text box with uniform formatting. In the example above, the task name is a larger black font, while the date labels are a smaller gray font. Each is in a separate text box with its own distinct formatting.

You can accomplish heterogeneous fonts in OnePager by establishing a different default font for each type of text (e.g. Task Labels vs. Date Labels) in Chart Properties, or by adjusting your fonts manually on an individual basis.

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