What’s new in OnePager 7.2: Conditional Formatting of Swimlane and Text Column Colors

If you make use of OnePager’s swimlanes or text columns today, you know that you can use the paint bucket to manually adjust the background colors of individual cells, or to extend that striping horizontally across your entire chart.

Beginning in OnePager 7.2, you can now use conditional formatting to dynamically control the background colors in your chart, including:

  • An entire swimlane
  • Only the swimlane cell on the left
  • An entire row
  • Only the text column cell on the left

In this blog post, we’ll walk through a couple of examples that illustrate how you can automatically adjust these colors using conditional formatting.

Conditional Formatting of Swimlanes

We’ll start by looking at how to use conditional formatting to adjust both the background of the entire swimlane as well as the swimlane cell on the left.

Let’s assume that you have created a Gantt chart in OnePager that consists of two projects. Each of these subprojects has the same phases (Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III), and you’d like to color-code the same phases from each project and apply that color to the appropriate swimlanes.

To set up conditional formatting rules for swimlanes, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. OnePager can have up to three levels of swimlanes and sub-swimlanes, and all of these swimlane levels can be subject to conditional formatting if you’d like. In this example, though, we’re only going to set up conditional formatting for the secondary swimlane, which we can do by clicking on the Left #2 Swimlane tab and then clicking on Manage Rules:

Once in the conditional formatting rules editor, we can set up rules that look at the parent task names for all tasks, and assign the secondary swimlane a color based on their position in the WBS:

In this example, the rules state the following:

  • For tasks where the parent is “Phase I”, set the swimlane Left #2 cell to dark blue and the background to light blue.
  • For tasks where the parent is “Phase II”, set the swimlane Left #2 cell to dark red and the background to light red.
  • For tasks where the parent is “Phase III”, set the swimlane Left #2 cell to dark green and the background to light green.

Now, apply the rules, and you’ll see that swimlanes in both projects take on a consistent color scheme based on their phases:

Conditional Formatting of Text Columns & Rows

Much like the swimlane example above, OnePager can also apply background colors to text columns and the adjacent rows. Let’s start with a simple Gantt chart that already color-codes based on status, with late tasks red and completed tasks green:

We can extend this same color scheme to both the Status text column and the rows of the chart itself. To do this, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes, and click the Manage Rules button on the Left #1 Text Column tab, like this:

Once in the conditional formatting grid, write rules that change the colors of both the text column cells and the chart rows based on the status of the tasks within them:

Here’s what the rules state:

  • Apply a green color if all tasks in the row are complete.
  • Apply a red color if any tasks in the row are late.

This way, if you have multiple tasks in a single row, usually known as a timeline layout, the rules will account for mixed status across those tasks.

Once applied, the chart should look like this:

Of course, as you update your chart over time, and as the statuses of those tasks change, OnePager will automatically adjust the colors so that you don’t have to make those changes individually.

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