What’s new in OnePager 7.2: Harvey Balls for Percent Complete

In our most recent blog post covering the new features in OnePager 7.2, we looked at how to assign symbols in a column to track the status of individual activities. We’ll continue our look at symbol columns in this article with another very popular use case: using Harvey Ball symbols to represent percent complete.

Let’s begin with the same project that we used earlier, noting the different percent complete values for each task:

We can take advantage of a new template in OnePager 7.2 called Percent Complete Harvey Balls, which will preconfigure all of the symbol assignments for you:

Here’s what the chart looks like out of the box, based on the settings in the template:

The first two tasks are complete, so the Harvey Ball is completely filled. The third and fourth tasks show a partially-filled Harvey Ball, representing their progress of 75% and 57%, respectively.

The fact that these Harvey Balls are assigned automatically by the template means that you don’t have to overthink how it works. But for those who are curious, you can inspect all of the conditional formatting rules for this symbol column by going to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes and clicking on the Manage Rules button associated with the Left #1 Column:

Here, you’ll see the collection of rules that drive how Harvey Balls are assigned based on percent complete, down to a 5% precision. If desired, you can change these rules to assign a color other than blue in certain cases. For example, maybe you want tasks that are 100% to appear with a green fill, and tasks that are 25% or less to appear with a red fill. This is all achievable simply by modifying the default rules that our template originally applied to your new chart.

Another option is to leave the Harvey Balls alone, and add a second set of conditional formatting rules that assigns symbols based on status, just like we did in the previous blog post. OnePager supports up to five symbol columns, so it’s easy to have different sets of symbols for different types of data:

  1. Left #1 Column: Percent Complete Harvey Balls
  2. Left #2 Column: Symbols based on Status

While we’re still in the conditional formatting screen, let’s add those Status symbols back at the bottom. These rules are similar to the ones we created in the previous blog article, except that the Applies To dropdown is set to Left #2 instead of Left #1, since they’ll appear in a secondary column:

Click OK to save the new rules, and then turn on the Left #2 column, mapping it to Status:

Now, click OK to close Chart Properties. OnePager will retrieve the data from the Status field and place the appropriate symbols into the second column, while maintaining the Harvey Balls in the first:

In our next blog article, we’ll continue our look at the new Symbol Columns in OnePager 7.2. We’ll show you how to assign these same kinds of rules when your chart is in a timeline layout and there are multiple tasks per row, as opposed to the Gantt chart layout that we’ve used so far.

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