What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Shadows

OnePager 7.2’s new drop shadows let you add a 3D effect to your chart. Here is an example of a slight shadow applied to task bars:

Shadows can be configured separately for tasks and milestones. In this birds-on-a-wire layout, the task bar has a shadow, and the milestones don’t, but you could just as easily set it up the other way:

To enable shadows for tasks, milestones, or both, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars (or Milestones) and check the Shadow box.

This will turn on a default shadow. If you want to change the look and feel of your shadow, click on the Shadow Properties button, above. This will give you more options for how you would like your shadow to appear.

OnePager comes with a handful of preset drop shadows, which appear at the top of the form. However, you can also configure a completely custom drop shadow using the settings at the bottom of the form:

Most of the Custom Shadow settings are self-explanatory, but here is an overview of each in case it isn’t clear what some of them do:

  • Color: The color of the shadow
  • Transparency: How much of the background shows through. A 100% transparent shadow is invisible, while a 0% transparent shadow is fully opaque
  • Size: How big the shadow should be overall, compared to the size of the task or milestone itself.
  • Blur: How much of the outside edge of the shadow should blur into the chart background
  • Angle: This is the “direction of the sun”, which we measure clockwise from 0°. The default 45° setting casts a shadow down and to the right, while a 90° shadow casts a shadow straight down.
  • Distance: How far from the main shape the shadow should extend

Shadows are a global property, meaning that you can have a single shadow style for your tasks and, if needed, a separate shadow style for milestones. However, you are not able to modify individual tasks and milestones through conditional or point-and-click formatting to have shadows that vary from the default style.

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