What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Time Cursor Pointers

The next set of upgrades that we’ll explore in OnePager 7.2 relate to the time cursor, the vertical line in your chart that is tied to your snapshot (status) date and acts as a “line of scrimmage” between those parts of your project that have already taken place, and those in the future:

OnePager 7.2 offers a number of upgrades to the time cursor, the first of which is the ability to add a pointer that better accentuates the snapshot date of your chart.

To get started with Time Cursor Pointers, go to Home > Chart Properties > Time Axis. Click on the new Time Cursor Properties button:

On the screen that appears, start by extending your Display Location to In chart & time axis. This will extend your time cursor past the body of the chart, as shown in the first screenshot above, and into the time axis above it. Once you’ve done that, click on the Pointer tab to configure the Time Axis Pointer itself:

Once on the Pointer tab, check the box to Show Pointer Shape. Pick a color and a shape. In this example we’ll go with a red triangle. Optionally, you can also click Show Pointer Date Label if you’d like to have your snapshot date appear as text next to the pointer:

Click OK until you return to your chart. OnePager will add the pointer to the top of your time axis, making it very easy to see the status date of your project:

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