What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Transparency

Beginning in OnePager 7.2, you have the ability to apply transparency to the fill color of task bars and dynamic milestones. This is useful if you need to indicate that a task isn’t completely set in stone, or if you have two tasks that are concurrently scheduled and you want to blend the colors in the overlapping portion:

Transparency is a sliding scale, with 0% meaning opaque, and 100% meaning invisible. We recommend a semi-transparent (translucent) value of 50% as a starting point.

Most people who have started using transparency tell us that they have been configuring it through conditional formatting:

In this example, we’ll apply 50% transparency to any tasks that are in the future. Here’s what the tasks look like once the rule has been applied. Notice that all of the tasks to the right of the time cursor are semi-transparent:

If you prefer that all of the tasks in your chart share the same degree of transparency, you don’t need to use conditional formatting. Instead, you can go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars and adjust the global transparency setting there:

Here’s how the same chart looks with a uniform 50% transparency applied:

Of course, you can always right-click on one or several individual tasks and use the Format form to adjust their transparency to deviate from either conditional formatting or the global default.

Alpha Blending of Concurrent Tasks

When you have overlapping tasks that are also semi-transparent, OnePager will blend the colors so that you can see where the first task ends and the second task begins. Here’s an example where Task 1 (blue) coincides with Task 2 (red) for a few weeks. That overlapping time appears in OnePager as a blended purple color:

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