What’s new in OnePager Pro 5.0 (Part 3/6)

Deadlines and Endpoints

This post covers two new features that are closely related to each other: deadlines and endpoints.  Microsoft Project has a deadline date field that OnePager Pro 5.0 can import and display in your Project View. Think of it as a decoration on a task marker.

Just as tasks have start and finish dates of various kinds, OnePager Pro 5.0 can represent the single deadline date field from the Microsoft Project Plan with a variety of shapes, fills, and borders of your selection. Take a look at this simple example of a Deadline decoration on a task marker:

Here “Task A” is represented in yellow while the deadline marker is represented as a downward pointing arrow, with a solid fill, and in red to highlight its critical nature. With OnePager Pro 5.0, you can import a deadline date for each task marker and use the shape, fill, border, and color features of OnePager Pro to make your point. When deadlines are passed and the parent task is not 100% complete, the deadline marker automatically turns red.


In addition to incorporating the Microsoft Project deadline field representation, we’ve added another related concept – endpoints. As a user of Microsoft Project, you can associate a variety of other custom dates with a task in your Microsoft Project Plan.

For example, you may want to highlight several dates on a long duration task – perhaps to represent the dates for internal reviews. With the endpoint feature, you can do this. Here’s an example of a task marker showing several endpoints, representing three key dates that are mapped to custom date fields in Microsoft Project:

The endpoints above are connected with various colored dotted lines to the task marker. This is an additional feature associated with deadline and endpoint decorations. Again, as with deadline decorations, endpoints provide you with a variety of shapes, fills, borders, and connection line options.

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