Which Enterprise Custom Fields Can be Used for Filtering?

In a previous article, we discussed how to use enterprise custom fields to filter the tasks that are included in your OnePager chart. With the release of OnePager Pro 6.0, it’s time to revisit this topic, since there are now a few more options.

Traditionally, OnePager looked at a yes/no flag in Microsoft Project Server to decide which tasks should be imported into the Gantt chart:

If you are using Project Server or Project Online, the dropdown above will show you all of your task-based enterprise custom fields of the following types:

  • Flag Fields (Yes/No)
  • Number Fields (1/0)

In your Project Server or Project Online environment, there’s a good chance that you have a lot of enterprise custom fields, and not all of them are going to be flags or numbers. OnePager’s basic yes/no import doesn’t make use of these, but beginning with OnePager 6.0, the new custom import filters can:

With a custom import filter, you’re not limited to a simple yes/no selection. Instead, you can write a series of filtering rules that apply more useful conditions to multiple enterprise custom fields all at once:

Custom import filters work with the following types of task-based enterprise custom fields:

  • Flag Fields
  • Number Fields
  • Text Fields
  • Date Fields

With custom import filters, you can use your enterprise custom fields to dynamically build reports. Examples include filters for tasks that are:

  • Assigned to Jeremy and are scheduled to finish in Q1
  • Late or Over-Budget
  • Client Deliverables over $10M+
  • Key Milestones that a part of Phase 3
  • Assigned to Rick, Leah, or Larry
  • More than 50% complete and on the critical path
  • Not assigned to anyone (i.e. unresourced)

In short, if you’ve been limiting yourself to flag fields, but you have good information in your enterprise custom fields, it may be time to take a look at OnePager’s custom import filters to build your timelines quickly and more efficiently.

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2 thoughts on “Which Enterprise Custom Fields Can be Used for Filtering?

    • Great question! Excel does not support enterprise custom fields; only Project Server and Project Online do.

      As a result, support for enterprise custom fields is unique to OnePager Pro (for Project) and is not something that Microsoft makes available to OnePager Express (for Excel).

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