Who’s ‘a Head’ in the Presidential Polls?

Ranking of 2016 Republican presidential candidates (click to enlarge).

Ranking of 2016 Republican presidential candidates (click to enlarge).

Just in time for those awkward Thanksgiving dinners where you have to sit next to that uncle whose political views are diametric opposites from yours, here are a pair of infographics (created in OnePager, of course) that show how the US presidential candidates from each party have stacked up against each other month-by-month.

These infographics are based on monthly average polling data from Real Clear Politics.


Ranking of 2016 Democratic presidential candidates (click to enlarge)

The size of each candidate’s head is proportional to their polling numbers relative to the first-place contender at the beginning of each month. For example, on November 1, 2015, RCP reported that Donald Trump polled an average of 26.6% while Ben Carson polled an average of 23.6%. As a result, Carson’s head is 88.7% the size of Trump’s in November.

We realize that almost all of you use OnePager exclusively for work-related purposes, but sometimes it’s a good way to make your relatives squirm, too.

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