Why it’s Important to Keep OnePager Up to Date

We’d like to remind all of our users, especially those who have been with us for a while, to keep their installations of OnePager current. OnePager interfaces directly with components from Windows, Microsoft Project, Project Online, and Excel. Microsoft periodically makes updates to Windows, Office, and Project, especially if you are using Office 365. If you’re running an outdated version of OnePager, there’s a possibility that you could encounter issues that we’ve already fixed in a later update.

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Many IT departments are very good about installing Windows Updates as soon as they come out, and doing the same with Office updates. OnePager isn’t always top-of-mind for them, so we occasionally see cases where the IT department stays on top of updates from Microsoft but forgets to maintain OnePager. This is akin to rotating the tires on your car every 10,000 miles but never changing the oil. The tires will be in great shape, but your engine might end up giving you a nasty surprise!

Over the last year, we have caught and fixed the following critical issues from Microsoft, often before Microsoft caught them:

  • Removal of Microsoft Project import interface from Office 365 (fixed in v6.1.7)
  • Withdrawal of critical system libraries from .Net 3.5 (fixed in v6.1.7)
  • Relocation of database driver components for 64-bit Excel under Office 365 (fixed in v6.1.5)
  • Forced upgrade to TLS 1.2 for Project Server/Project Online connections (fixed in v6.0.11)

A number of these issues are still open at Microsoft, and are still impacting other Microsoft Partner applications that were not able to engineer around them the way we at OnePager have been able to.

The best way to avoid issues is to keep OnePager updated at all times. Our release management portal lets you not only review notes on past upgrades, but also sign up for proactive e-mail notification whenever a new version of OnePager is available.

If your company has been keeping your Maintenance & Support subscription current for your team’s OnePager licenses, you will always be eligible for any upgrades we put out — whether those upgrades are to add exciting new features, or are simply intended to keep things from catching on fire!

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