Why Your Hidden Rows/Swimlanes Might Be Mysteriously Reappearing, and How to Fix It

A couple of customers have e-mailed us reporting that the hidden rows/swimlanes in their project views have mysteriously reappeared. Let’s demystify this!

When you hide a row or swimlane, you also hide all of the task bars or milestones inside that row/swimlane. If, subsequently, the Flag value on one of those tasks gets changed (in Project/Excel) from No to Yes, OnePager by design unhides the row/swimlane so that the newly flagged task appears.

If this is not what you intend, you can easily suppress this unhiding behavior on the Advanced tab of the Project-View Properties menu:

Unhidden Rows

Simply uncheck the “Unhide rows for flagged tasks/milestones” option (which is checked by default) and hit OK. From now on, hidden rows/swimlanes will always stay hidden, even if the Flag value on one of the tasks/milestones inside those hidden rows/swimlanes changes to Yes.

Changing this Advanced setting provides a faster way of getting rid of unwanted rows/swimlanes –rather than re-hiding them one by one, which is probably not your first choice of a summer afternoon activity.

As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback about how you’re using OnePager and how we can make your experience better! Feel free to drop us a line anytime at [email protected].

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Nathan Black was on the founding team of OnePager, joining as a beta tester in 2005. The product was exciting — the lack of paycheck, exciting in a different way. So he went out into the world, working as a project manager, management consultant, and academic (he was most recently a research fellow in the Government Department at Harvard University). Everywhere he went, he saw a need for more and better project management, particularly by people who don’t call themselves project managers but end up filling that role on teams and ventures large and small. In 2014, he returned to OnePager as Vice President of Solutions. His primary roles are (1) helping customers use OnePager more effectively and (2) developing new versions of the software. He is passionate about getting project visualization and reporting right, and eager to hear from project managers (in title or in reality) who feel the same way! Nathan lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife Whitney and sons Ethan and Adam. They enjoy classical music, the outdoors, and politics. E-mail him at [email protected].

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