Your IT guy (or gal) has no idea what OnePager is or how it works

I’m generalizing, but this is largely true.

The statement may be shocking for some of you, I know, but it’s one you need to be conscious of, for your own sanity.

They’re probably the best in their profession if they’ve created the perception that they inherently know about, and can fix, everything related to your computer. However, it’s simply not true.

BUT, they can learn about OnePager, and they should, in order to support you in the best way possible. Step number one should be for them to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, before they install, reinstall, or upgrade the tool for you.

As the designated handyman in my house, I can attest to the trouble one can get into very quickly, if you don’t read the instructions before putting something together, especially for tasks you’ve done before, but where the tools, hardware or procedure to complete the task, may have changed.

Your IT helpdesk is kind of like your company handyman. They are the ones designated to help you with all things related to your network access, your computer, and last but not least, the software on your computer.

Although they probably install and uninstall software 100 times a day, OnePager isn’t standard for them. They have no steps written down, internally, for what choices to make, as they are installing.

For that reason we’ve always included a ReadMe file.

To be fair, it’s not rocket science, but there are choices that can be made by the individual conducting the installation. The ReadMe file contains all the technical informaiton about the OnePager applications that someone installing for the first time would need.

If you’ve already installed, the ReadMe file will be tucked into your directory in the following location:

C: > Users > YOURUSERNAME > AppData > Roaming > Chronicle Graphics > OnePager Pro > VERSION > documentation

Here are links to both the OnePager Pro ReadMe file, and the OnePager Express ReadMe file, that you might want to send along, or bookmark, in case of emergencies.

Beyond installing, uninstalling, upgrading, etc., if you have an issue with the OnePager application, please always reach out to our support team for the fastest resolution, and to avoid any unnecessary tinkering.

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