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Share your past projects with future employers by building your own personal project portfolio using OnePager from Chronicle Graphics.

Create Your Project Portfolio

Why create a portfolio?

When looking for a new job, having a good resume is important, but being able to show potential employers your past work is what will really set you apart from other applicants.

Like artists, architects, and other professionals, project managers should create portfolios of their work. Project portfolios are a great way to communicate your past successes, and highlight your abilities.

As Art Weeast and Valerie Ness presented at the 2009 Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium, being prepared for a change is key to rapid success.

Getting Started

Chronicle Graphics recognizes this need in the project management community. For a limited time, Chronicle Graphics is making 15-day OnePager Pro licenses available to any project manager that wants to create a portfolio. Click here to request your copy.

Creating a portfolio of your previous projects is easy with OnePager Pro from Chronicle Graphics. Simply load your project plans into OnePager Pro and create a color, one-page snapshot of each project that you've completed. Compile each timeline graph into a portfolio that is sure to impress future employers.

Tips and Suggestions

Not sure how to get started, or what a personal project portfolio looks like?

Here are some more tips on creating your project portfolio:

  • Use color to distinguish different elements of your project: teams, tasks, or phases.
  • Simpler is better. Remember that your potential employer doesn't need to see every detail. A high-level snapshot will suffice.
  • Be sure to remove all sensitive information from the plan. Genericize names of tasks that tie the project plan back to your employer.
  • Save your project portfolio electronically, but also print out a few color copies that you can bring to an interview.

Best of luck in building your new portfolio! If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us at portfolio@onepager.com.

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