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Create Agile Task Boards from Microsoft Excel Data

Creating Agile product roadmaps or task boards using OnePager Express with Excel

If you work in an Agile shop, or use the Scrum method, you probably keep a backlog list. If you keep your backlog list in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you may have difficulty presenting the different sprints and status associated with each backlog task.

Task boards for Agile task management: This is a sample backlog schedule created in OnePager Pro, an add-in for Microsoft Project.

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Creating an Agile task board, or a product roadmap, is a good way to sort your product backlog list into sprints, and OnePager Express will create these task boards quickly and easily, using the backlog you are already storing in Excel. OnePager Express is a Microsoft Excel add-in, so you can launch it directly from Excel without having to export or convert your data. Download a free trial to start building your own agile task boards.

  1. Open your backlog list in Excel:

  2. Start by opening your backlog list in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Insert a "Status" column (Column D, shown above) into Excel. Enter the status for each task (e.g. funded, prioritized, etc.) OnePager Express will color-code your tasks based on status after you import everyting from Excel.
  4. Next, insert a "Backlog Category" column (Column E in this example) into the spreadsheet, as shown above. Specify the category for each item on your backlog in this column. OnePager Express will group and sort based on this column after you import your backlog.
  5. Click the OnePager Express button, which appears on Excel's Add-Ins tab. (If you haven't purchased OnePager Express yet, you can download a 15-day free trial.) From the Start screen, choose New.
    OnePager Express Start screen.
  6. Give your task board a name and status date, then click Next >:
    OnePager Express imports a backlog list from Microsoft Excel and then creates an agile roadmap schedule.
  7. Now, tell OnePager Express which Excel columns you want to import for the task board, and then click Create new chart.
    OnePager Express lets you select the Excel columns you want to build your Agile Task Board.
  8. OnePager Express will import your backlog from Excel and begin to create a product roadmap, but we'll want to make a few quick modifications.
  9. Go to Home > Chart Properties. On the Task Bars tab, find the Task Bar Label Properties setting, and change the properties so that the text is centered:
    Center the text for each task on your task board.
  10. Go to the Rows/Swimlanes tab and change the Task Layout option toward the top of the menu Timeline (multiple tasks per row) to "Backlog Category" to group your items into a common row, based on the Backlog Category values. Next, in the Swimlanes section select "Backlog Category" in the dropdown to have your tasks visually grouped into fat swimlanes by Backlog Category values.

  11. Enter the number of sprints you want to display in your product roadmap.
  12. Press OK. Your task board should now look like this:
    A sample backlog schedule (Agile product roadmap) created in OnePager Express.
  13. You can make a few cosmetic changes, if you would like to fine-tune the appearance of your agile task board:
    Task boards for Agile task management: This is a sample backlog schedule created in OnePager Pro, an add-in for Microsoft Project.

That's it! You've now used OnePager Express to create a task board or agile product roadmap using the backlog list you have in Microsoft Excel.


If you'd like to customize your OnePager Express product roadmap before sharing it in a daily standup, it's very easy to do:

  • Change colors, symbols, fonts and layouts
  • Show original sprint dates or percent complete
  • Add comment boxes, text boxes, or images to your task board

Best of all, OnePager will save you hours of time and frustration every week, and saves you the hassle of updating your roadmap presentation each time your backlog changes.

Get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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