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Asana Multi-Project Timeline

Import tasks from several Asana projects into OnePager to create a multi-project timeline.

OnePager builds multi-project timelines from Asana by importing tasks from several projects and combining them into a high-level timeline like this:

OnePager multi-project Asana timeline.

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If you don't already have OnePager, click the button above to download a free trial. Then, follow these instructions to get started:

  1. In this example, we'll import three Asana projects into a OnePager timeline. Start with your first Asana project, called Project A, and switch to the List view:

    First of several Asana projects in a portfolio

  2. Click on the Show Fields button and see if you already have a field called OnePager in your Asana account. If so, turn it on. If not, then click on Manage custom fields instead:

    Add a custom field to Asana

  3. If you already have a OnePager custom field, skip to the next step. Otherwise, click on Add custom field and either Choose from library or Create a new Single-select field called OnePager with Yes/No values, like this:

    Create a custom field in Asana to drive which tasks are imported into OnePager.

  4. With the OnePager custom field inserted into your Asana project, place a "Yes" next to the high-level summary tasks in your first project. This will enable you to summarize the major phases of your project without providing too much detail:

    Asana project with Yes/No field.

  5. Repeat the task selection for the remaining projects in your porftolio. In the example, we'll select the same phase-level summary tasks from Project B and Project C.

  6. Now it's time to import your Asana projects into OnePager. Launch OnePager from your desktop:

    Launch OnePager Bundle to import from Asana.

  7. On the OnePager start screen, choose New to start building a new Asana multi-project timeline:

    OnePager start screen.

  8. From the import wizard, go to Select > BROWSE Asana:

    Browse Asana from OnePager.

    If this is your first time using OnePager, Asana will ask you to securely into your account.

  9. Once connected to Asana, OnePager will display a list of all of your available projects. Holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, select all of the projects that you would like to include in your timeline. In this example, we will select Project A, Project B, and Project C:

    Select several projects to include in the timeline.

  10. Back on the import wizard, select the OnePager Yes/No field as your selection filter:

    Filter your asana project using a custom field

  11. To finish the import from Asana, click Create New Chart. This will create a multi-project Gantt Chart from Asana, and in the following steps, we'll convert it to a timeline:

    Asana Gantt chart created in OnePager.

  12. To switch from a Gantt chart to a timeline layout, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes, and adjust the Task Layout to a Timeline and make sure to Align tasks on the Project Name. This will ensure that all tasks for a given project end up in a single row:

    Switch from a Gantt chart to a timeline layout based on the parent and sub-tasks in Asana.

    When switching from a Gantt Chart to a Timeline layout, it's also a good idea to increase the height of your rows in OnePager, which you can do on the Page Layout tab.

  13. Click OK, and OnePager will create a timeline for each of your Asana projects, with the key phases lined up left-to-right, like this:

    Asana timeline created in OnePager.

    In this example, we've positioned the task names on top of the task bars, and have changed the font colors to contrast with the colors of the tasks themselves. This is one of many easy customizations that you can make to your own Asana multi-project timeline.

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