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Collaborative Work Management Timeline from Smartsheet

Build a timeline from a Smartsheet project that quickly shows all of your collaborators and when they are working on each task.

If you collaborate on projects in Smartsheet, it's important to understand all of the tasks that each team member is working on. OnePager gives you an easy way to see all of your collaborators and their work in a simple project timeline.

Smartsheet collaborative work management (CWM) timeline created in OnePager.

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OnePager is project timeline software for Smartsheet that lets you easily track collaborators and work in a visual format. Don't have OnePager yet? You can download a free trial and try it out today.

Track the Work of All Collaborators in a Smartsheet Project

  1. Let's start with a Smartsheet project. In this example, all tasks have at least one person assigned, but many tasks have two or three people collaborating:

    Smartsheet project with multiple collaborators working on a task.

    For example, "Task 3D" has three people assigned: Corinne, Chae-Young, and Arianne are all collaborating on the same Smartsheet task.

  2. You can choose which rows you want to import into your CWM timeline using a Smartsheet checkbox column. Here, we've flagged the key rows that we want to display in OnePager:

    Flag tasks in Smartsheet using a checkbox column.

  3. With your tasks flagged in Smartsheet, you are ready to start building your collaborative work management timeline. Double-click the OnePager icon on your desktop. From the Start screen that appears, choose New.

    OnePager Bundle Start screen.

  4. On the import wizard, go to Select > Browse Smartsheet:

    Import into OnePager from Smartsheet

    If this is your first time using OnePager with Smartsheet, you'll need to log in.

  5. Once connected to Smartsheet, select your project plan, and click OK:

    Select a Smartsheet project with to import into your OnePager timeline.

  6. OnePager has a template that is specially-designed to handle Smartsheet projects where collaborative work is taking place. You can download it here and save it to your desktop:

      CWM Timeline for Smartsheet.tat (OnePager Template)

  1. After downloading the OnePager template above, return to OnePager's import wizard, and in the Starting Template section, click Change..., then BROWSE... to select the "Multi-Resource Allocation View for Smartsheet" template from your desktop.

    Change your OnePager starting template to one that supports collaborative work management (CWM).

  2. Give your collaborative work management timeline a name, and pick today’s date as your status date, as shown below:

    Type a name for your Smartsheet CWM timeline.

  3. Click the Next button, and then Create New Chart. OnePager will import your project from Smartsheet and give you a CWM timeline that looks like this:

    A timeline of all of the collaborators and their assigned work for a Smartsheet project.

  4. Each collaborator in the Smartsheet project has all of their work in a simple timeline layout so that it's easy to see when they are working on the project. In cases where multiple people are collaborating on the same work, the task will appear in the timeline for each collaborator. For example, "Task 3D" appears separately for Chae-Young, Arianne, and Corinne, since all three of these people are collaborating on the same task:

    Each collaborator on a Smartsheet task can see their work on a separate timeline.

You can build a collaborative work management timeline in OnePager using your own Smartsheet project. Give it a try for free to see how it works:

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