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Project Timeline from Smartsheet with Conditional Formatting

Make a timeline that applies conditional formatting to your Smartsheet data

If you use Smartsheet to manage your projects, OnePager can import your Smartsheet data and apply conditional formatting to make your project timelines easier to understand.

Conditional formatting applied to a timeline based on a Smartsheet project 15-Day
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OnePager is project timeline software that integrates with Smartsheet. Once you have imported your Smartsheet plan into OnePager, you can adjust colors, swimlanes, layouts, and more. Don't have OnePager yet? Download a 15-day trial and follow along with the instructions below to get started:

  1. Start with your Smartsheet project. OnePager lets you select specific rows from Smartsheet to show on your timeline by adding a checkbox field to your Smartsheet plan, checking the Smartsheet rows that you want to include, and then saving your Smartsheet project:

    Checkbox field in Smartsheet determines which rows are imported into your OnePager timeline.

    To add a checkbox column to Smartsheet, right-click on the Task Name column, choose Insert Column Left, and create a Checkbox column named OnePager.

  2. In this example, we're going to use conditional formatting to assign different colors and task shapes based on the Status field, so if you want to add statuses to your Smartsheet project, this is a good time to do that. OnePager's conditional formatting will work with any Smartsheet column, including custom fields, so if you want to use something other than the Status field, that's fine too.

    The Status field in Smartsheet will be used for conditional formatting in OnePager.

  3. Now, go to your desktop or Windows Start menu, and launch OnePager:

    Launch OnePager from your desktop.

  4. When the OnePager start screen appears, click on New to start building a new timeline from Smartsheet:

    OnePager start screen.

  5. On the import wizard, choose Select > BROWSE Smartsheet:

    Browse Smartsheet projects from OnePager.

  6. If you've never connected OnePager to Smartsheet before, you'll be prompted for your Smartsheet username and password:

    Log into Smartsheet from OnePager.

    After logging in, you'll by asked by Smartsheet whether you want to Allow OnePager to access your Smartsheet data. Once you click Allow, OnePager should be able to log into Smartsheet automatically going forward so that you don't have to keep entering your username and password each time.

  7. OnePager will show you a list of all of the projects in your Smartsheet account. Select the one(s) that you want to add to your timeline, and click OK:

    List of Smartsheet projects dispayed in OnePager

  8. After selecting your Smartsheet project, you'll have the option to give your timeline a name. Also notice that OnePager will plan to filter your Smartsheet project and only bring in rows where the OnePager box was checked. Click Next > to go to the next screen.

    Import Smartsheet rows into OnePager to make a timeline.

  9. This final screen will show you which fields from Smartsheet that OnePager plans to use in your timeline. We'll chnage the Color By setting to look at Smartsheet's Status field:

    Smartsheet field mappings

  10. Click Create New Chart, and OnePager will import your Smartsheet project into an initial version of your timeline that looks like this:

    OnePager timeline, created from Smartsheet

Adding Conditional Formatting

Once you have created a timeline in OnePager from Smartsheet, you can use OnePager's conditional formatting to fine-tune the colors and shapes assigned to each task in your chart.

  1. In OnePager, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars, and click on the Manage Rules button to set up condtional formatting:

    Launch OnePager's conditional formatting editor

  2. Here, we can set up a few conditional formatting rules that assign different colors and task shapes for each of the different statuses in Smartsheet:

    Conditional formatting can assign different colors and shapes based on status values from Smartsheet.

  3. Click OK twice, and OnePager will apply your conditional formatting rules and update your timeline to reflect the status of each task in Smartsheet:

    Conditional formatting on a timeline based on status information from Smartsheet.

    Notice that each different status assigned in Smartsheet has a unique color and shape. These status values also appear in OnePager's legend, which makes it easy to remember the meaning of each color and shape in the chart.

Refreshing Statuses from Smartsheet

As the status of different tasks change in your Smartsheet project, it's easy to keep your OnePager timeline up-to-date. Just go to Data > Replace Snapshot, and OnePager will quickly pull all of your updated status information in from Smartsheet again, automatically updating the colors and shapes in your timeline:

Quickly refresh your OnePager timeline any time that your project changes in Smartsheet.

OnePager provides you with a quick, easy, and accurate way to build data-driven timelines and Gantt charts from Smartsheet. Try it with your own Smartsheet project today by downloading a free trial.

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