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Creating a Multi-Project Timeline using Project Online

How to merge multiple Microsoft Project plans into a single timeline

Many project managers track individual project plans in separate Microsoft Project files. But how do you create a summary-level timeline of multiple projects, so you can see the schedule for the entire program?

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This article describes how to use OnePager to access projects within Project Online to create a multi-project summary timeline, using the Microsoft Project data you already have.

  1. Start by making sure each of your Microsoft Project files has a Flag field, indicating for each task whether you want to import that task into your multi-project timeline. In the example below, we’ve inserted the Flag20 column, marking those tasks we want to appear in our timeline with Yes.
  2. Microsoft Project file with a Flag field displaying.
  3. Launch OnePager Pro from your desktop by double-clicking the OnePager Pro icon and from the Start screen, choose New.
  4. OnePager Live Start screen.
  5. When the import wizard appears, click Select and then BROWSE Project Server....
  6. OnePager choices select.
  7. Log into Project Online using OnePager's secure connection, and select the project plans that will be used to create your timeline.
  8. Choose which Microsoft Project plans to import.
  9. From the Template dropdown list, choose the preloaded template called Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed. This template contains a set of pre-configured settings that make it easy for you to build multi-project presentations. You can always change these settings later. Also, select Flag20 within Task Selection
  10. Select your OnePager Live template and Flag field.
  11. Specify a Snapshot date for your portfolio schedule to represent the point in time the OnePager document they are looking at will be accurate to.
  12. Click Create new chart. OnePager will import your selected tasks and milestones and create a high-level portfolio view that shows the schedule for each individual project plan. Your OnePager result will be driven by your template that was selected earlier and may look like this:
  13. Easy multi-project timeline created using the OnePager Live web app.

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